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28 July 1983
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Well, let's see...My name is Yosi, and I'm a Joss Whedon addict. (Hi, Yosi...)

Anyway, I hail from Kansas City, and did my undergrad degree at UMKC. Now I'm embarking on an entirely new kettle of fish (and mixing my metaphors with abandon)...grad school. I'm now at the U of Iowa, working on an English Ph.D.; I 'm now in my fourth year and done with classwork, and working on prepping for my comps. My greatest ambition is to get some job that allows me to live in England permanently.

My obsessions? I'm the biggest Buffy and Angel fan the world has ever known, and I also love most of the major console RPG series - Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Megami Tensei, Ogre Battle, etc.

I also love reading...well, just about anything, but especially fantasy and mystery novels. I like listening to pop music - the cheesier the better. I am currently attempting to learn German and to revive what little Japanese I once had, and I actually know French although I'm woefully out of practice. I also have reading knowledge, to some greater or lesser (mostly lesser) extent, of Old English, Middle English, Latin, and Old Norse.

If you're wondering what to expect from my journal, there's a lot of "today I did such and such, then I did such and such," so don't expect this to be a thrill-a-minute. I try to avoid pointless angst, but there is occasionally some of the pointy variety. There is much geekage over video games, manga, anime, and my dead gay TV shows. At times I like to post brain-breakingly bad porn fanfics. And now that I'm an English grad student I tend to occasionally post pointless rambling about incestual implications in Jane Austen and giants building the Tower of Babel and the like. Consider yourselves forewarned. That said, friend away! I'll probably friend you back once I notice (which may take a while, 'cause I'm not hugely observant, so you may want to drop a comment to let me know).

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